Overview of Export to Africa (Directory)


Every business needs an effective and economical marketing tool to promote and increase their market share.Increasing market share in today’s fast changing commercial environment is the primary objective of every business.With over 1.111 Billion consumers, the African continent presents unlimited opportunities for foreign companies. With “Export to Africa (Directory)” we provide a perfect platform to discover hidden and surprising opportunities available in Africa.

Companies of all sizes are invited to advertise their products and services with us. Establish and expand your brand in the fastest growing market. Export to Africa (Directory) is the right gateway to enter and expand your export partners in Africa.


Our mission is to connect you with the markets of the future “Africa”. We will always strive to bring you the positive side of Africa. Established in 2003, Innovation Group is an independent company with its own marketing and consultancy offices in eight countries. We feel proud about the vital role we have played in increasing trade relations between Africa and the world. According to our past experience, market survey and over 8, 500 clients, we have witnessed the emergence of Africa as one of the fastest growing markets for all kinds of consumer and capital goods.

Expansion of market is a major concern for any firm today. Africa is a market which is huge and has not been conquered by competition as any other continents else where. But, it is also the most difficult market to approach due to several reasons. Export to Africa (Directory) provides an easy access for international companies to reach their prospective buyers/clients/partners in a very simple, economical but effective way. A full color directory which is export oriented will propel your sales and exports in Africa to new heights.

Distributed to trade visitors at major international trade fairs in Africa
Export to Africa (Directory) participates at an average of 15 Trade Exhibitions per year
Distributed in over 18 African Countries
Over 8,500 companies are advertised with us