Finding the right customers in the African market can be a time-consuming process. Being such a large continent, with as many as 53 countries, marketing one’s products and services in African markets is indeed a challenging task.

However, for a successful marketing effort, it is imperative to identify and associate with reliable and efficient business partners in key African countries. There are a number of ways to go about identifying potential trade partners.

  • Reach in the most promising and potential export markets in Africa.
  • Reaching to 18 countries in Africa.
  • Easy access for African companies and prospective buyers / clients / partners in very simple, effective and economical way.
  • A fast way to find serious buyers/ partners.
  • “Free” Distribution at Trade Fairs in African countries.
  • Convey a professional & consistent profile of your company and showcase your products & Services.
  • Meet spontaneous and interested customers across the African continent.
  • Overall company promotion and brand enhancement.
  • Avail special offers to market, exhibit and advertise through trade fairs and campaigns.
  • Develop contacts directly with the trading companies, buyers / importers.
  • Appoint your distributors in different countries of AFRICA.
  • Meet your potential buyers in the right kind of atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate the capability & superiority of your products to the actual traders.
  • Evaluate & gather business information on various AFRICAN countries.