Why to advertise in Export to Africa (Directory)?

Expansion of market is a major concern for any firm today. Africa is a market which is huge and has not been conquered by competition as any other continents else where. But, it is also the most difficult market to approach due to several reasons. Export to Africa (Directory) provides an easy access for international companies to reach their prospective buyers/clients/partners in a very simple, economical but effective way. A full color magazine which is export oriented will propel your sales and exports in Africa to new heights.
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Export to Africa (Directory) is essentially produced for international exporters, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish contacts with their business counterparts in African region. As per our past experience,we have noticed a huge demand of foreign products in the vast African markets.

Export to Africa (Directory) brings the whole Africa within your reach. It is an export-oriented International product guide prepared especially for distribution at major International Trade Exhibitions in Africa. ABG is a perfect advertising platform for the international companies to target and explore directly the vast and needy markets of Africa. It is the best possible marketing tool for foreign companies to generate new enquiries without physical presence.


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Establishing new contacts                                              67%
Baking up business relations with the permanent business partners                                                                             58%
Launching new products and services                        54%
Overall company promotion                                         51%
Information on the market                                           31%
ADVERTISER evaluated favorably the present role of the event.           78%
Have the right to make decisions and sign the contracts                           89%