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Every business needs an effective and economical marketing tool to promote and increase their market share.Increasing market share in today’s fast changing commercial environment is the primary objective of every business.With over 1.111 Billion consumers, the African continent presents unlimited opportunities for foreign companies. With “Export to Africa (Directory)” we provide a perfect platform to discover hidden and surprising opportunities available in Africa. Companies of all sizes are invited to advertise their products and services with us. Establish and expand your brand in the fastest growing market. African Business Guide is the right gateway to enter and expand your export partners in Africa.

Our mission is to connect you with the markets of the future “Africa”. We will always strive to bring you the positive side of Africa. Established in 2003, Innovation Group is an independent company with its own marketing and consultancy offices in eight countries. We feel proud about the vital role we have played in increasing trade relations between Africa and the world. According to our past experience, market survey and over 8, 500 clients, we have witnessed the emergence of Africa as one of the fastest growing markets for all kinds of consumer and capital goods.


Expansion of market is a major concern for any firm today. Africa is a market which is huge and has not been conquered by competition as any other continents else where. But, it is also the most difficult market to approach due to several reasons. Export to Africa (Directory) provides an easy access for international companies to reach their prospective buyers/clients/partners in a very simple, economical but effective way. A full color magazine which is export oriented will propel your sales and exports in Africa to new heights.

EXPORT TO AFRICA (Directory) is essentially produced for international exporters, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to establish contacts with their business counterparts in African region. As per our past experience,we have noticed a huge demand of foreign products in the vast African markets.

Export to Africa (Directory) brings the whole Africa within your reach. It is an export-oriented International product guide prepared especially for distribution at major International Trade Exhibitions in Africa. Export to Africa (Directory) is a perfect advertising platform for the international companies to target and explore directly the vast and needy markets of Africa. It is the best possible marketing tool for foreign companies to generate new inquiries without physical presence.


Export to Africa (Directory) are courier / mailed to senior Government Officials & top buyers to over 18 countries in Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Egypt, Zambia, Gabon, Morocco, Tunisia and Djibouti. Our free mailing list includes 12,000 selected companies from 20 different categories of products and services.

Export to Africa (Directory) are distributed to trade visitors at major international trade fairs in Africa annually.A trade fairs is just the right place to find maximum number of serious buyers / partner at one place and time. We distribute live African Business guide at an average of 15 exhibitions per year in Africa. Kindly see the calendar for the list of exhibitions in the current year or check our website www.africantradefairs.com / www.inexpo.ae


Finding the right customers in the African market can be a time-consuming process. Being such a large continent, with as many as 53 countries, marketing one’s products and services in African markets is indeed a challenging task.

However, for a successful marketing effort, it is imperative to identify and associate with reliable and efficient business partners in key African countries. There are a number of ways to go about identifying potential trade partners.

  • Reach in the most promising and potential export markets in Africa.
  • Reaching to 18 countries in Africa.
  • Easy access for African companies and prospective buyers / clients / partners in very simple, effective and economical way.
  • A fast way to find serious buyers/ partners.
  • “Free” Distribution at Trade Fairs in African countries.
  • Convey a professional & consistent profile of your company and showcase your products & Services.
  • Meet spontaneous and interested customers across the African continent.
  • Overall company promotion and brand enhancement.
  • Avail special offers to market, exhibit and advertise through trade fairs and campaigns.
  • Develop contacts directly with the trading companies, buyers / importers.
  • Appoint your distributors in different countries of AFRICA.
  • Meet your potential buyers in the right kind of atmosphere.
  • Demonstrate the capability & superiority of your products to the actual traders.
  • Evaluate & gather business information on various AFRICAN countries.


“EXPORT TO AFRICA (Directory)” provides an excellent opportunity to any commercial organization that wishes to expand its market to the giant and needy unexplored market of Africa. Such organizations could be as follows.

  • Manufactures,
  • Exporters,
  • Traders,
  • Distributors,
  • Agents & Wholesalers.
  • Builders,
  • Contractors,
  • Industrial Project Consultants,
  • Airlines,
  • Hotels.
  • Importters,
  • Furnished Appartments,
  • Tourism & Cargo Companies,
  • Free Zones,
  • Financial & Investment Companies.

DISTRIBUTION PLAN OF Export to Africa (Directory)

Trade Fairs are the most effective face to face marketing tool, with our access to 10 events per year , we are uniquely positioned to reach the maximum number of buyers and importers. Export to Africa (Directory) distribution is always accompanied with intense media coverage like press conferences, press releases, direct mail campaigns and other promotional activities.

10,000 copies of “Export to Africa (Directory)” will be mailed to Senior Government Officials & top buyers to over 18 countries in Africa. Major countries include: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Egypt, Zimbabwe,South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Gabon, Morocco, Tunis and Djibouti. Our free mailing list includes 12,000 selected companies from 20 different categories of products and services.

We strongly believe that need for foreign companies to reach the unexplored African markets is growing day by day.The African economy has been escalating regularly now and we foresee a tremendous potential and demand for all sectors since most of the East & West African buyers imports everything and International products are well in demand. With the present favorable political climate and the multiparty democracy raging through the continent,Africa, no doubt, has become an attractive place for investors around the world.

Export to Africa (Directory) will be a strong medium to boost the bilateral trade relations between Africa, individuals and countries that are interested in investing in Africa. Similarly, it will be a valuable and handy resource as well as avenue for Businessmen, investors, traders, importers & exporters to learn about the extensive and mutually beneficial business opportunities and cooperation in Africa.


45, 000 copies of (DIRECTORY) are distributed to trade visitors at major international trade fairs in African annually. A trade fairs is just the right place to find maximum number of serious buyers/partner at one place and time. Export to Africa (Directory) participates at an average of 15 exhibitions per year. Place see the calendar for the list of exhibitions in the current year or check our website www.africantradefairs.com


Advertisers get a free list related companies in Africa. Before the advertisement appears and the responses come in,advertisers can contact African companies from our comprehensive database.


Advertisers will gain a free membership of the publication’s B2B web site where they will get an exposure to thousands of African traders surfing the site for international products and other business opportunities. Every advertiser will have an entry into the supplier’s database and a link to his website.


  • We arrange meetings with the Chambers Of Commerce exclusively.
  • Setup and arrange appointments with the investors and business persons.
  • Help you to develop contacts with buyers / importers.
  • Promote and enhance your company’s image in the market.
  • Provide the best platform to explore possibilities in business setup and investment.


  • 67% establishing new contacts
  • 58% baking up business relations with the permanent business partners
  • 54% launching new products and services
  • 51% overall company promotion
  • 31% information on the market
  • 78% ADVERTISER evaluated favorably the present role of the event
  • 89% have the right to make decisions and sign the contracts

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